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Born and raised on the sandy beaches of Saint Petersburg, Florida, this worshiper, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur has found that placing her dreams and life in the hands of the Lord is where He can be most glorified.


Between leading worship, mentoring vocal students, traveling the globe & managing business sales from week to week, you may wonder how she has the drive to do it all. Through the years she has found that the process of surrendering to the Father had to be the priority over all.


After giving her life FULLY to Christ at the age of 17, the journey to deeper intimacy with the Father began and, to this day, her growing love for Him hasn’t stopped and never will.


Trinity holds very dear the scripture that says, “My prayer and the longing of my heart is that all people might be saved.” - Romans 10:1 NLT


In all that she does, the one goal of spreading this unimaginable love of Christ throughout the world is her focus. With determination & passion, through the anointing upon her gifts, talents, and life, she does just that.

My Story

My story is simple. I grew up in church, learning about God, but never having any desire to become personally or intimately acquainted with the God who was talked about...



It wasn't until my Senior Year of High School, that I really felt God tugging at my heart! I honestly wanted to get away from all the "church stuff" and do my own thing, but I assure you, Jesus was NOT having that. I was getting ready to move away two hours for college and all I could think about was FREEDOM! No more mama, telling me where I could and couldn't go or what I could and couldn't wear! I thought I was about to live in the land of the free world!! Unfortunately, or maybe it was fortunate, but either way, my conviction level was so high that I was practically FORCED to take notice every time I was getting ready to do something that displeased God.



Therefore, I ended up testing Him. I had always heard the saying, "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good" so I just.. really wanted to see... I wanted to understand what others meant, but for myself.


It was then, that in minutes, I saw God work so quick that it shocked me. My youth group was on the way to the National Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) AIM Convention and on the bus ride over, my youth leader got a pretty urgent phone call. It was from an assistant of a very well known Gospel music artist/pastor that happened to ask for me BY NAME to sing before they preached that very same night. Now, of course, that seems like a very material thing of God to do, but in that moment, I saw it as Him saying, "Trinity, I have so much more for you. I have plans for you. Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard... and if You trust Me now, I'll make it worth your while..."



So... I literally, stopped in that moment and I said, "God, I'm Yours. You're going to have to help me, but I give up. I'm Yours."


To make the rest of the long story short, I sang that night and more importantly... I received the will of God for my life. I gave over my dreams, plans and desires and pursued His heart. From that moment forward, I vowed to live my life letting people know how good the love of God is (in whatever way shape or form He instructs).


To this moment, I don't even completely know what's up ahead or what ways He wants to use me... all I know is that I'm here and I'm open...




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