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Your Own Uniqueness by Trinity

Hey everyone!

I am SO excited to share that today (January 17th, on my 25th birthday) I am FINALLY officially launching a vision that the Lord gave me more than two years ago!

I have always had an eye for all things creative, but today, I’m stepping out to pursue more than just my most known passion for music.

Above that passion, my heart is to spread the love of God wherever I’m led… and I will continue to do so as long as I have breath!

Your Own Uniqueness by Trinity (Y.O.U. by Trinity) is an image artistry company that promotes healthy outward confidence via the foundation of learning our true identity in Christ.

Growing up, I struggled with so many insecurities that included wanting to look on the outside how I was told I should look VS embracing my unique qualities and characteristics that were hand-picked and gifted to me from God. Out of that birthed ungratefulness, covetousness and such low self-esteem that built the shy nature that I still exhibit today.

Over time, I’ve learned that I’m not the only person with this identity crisis… but I’ve also learned that there IS a way to combat it!

Through faith in Jesus Christ, we are to believe in who God says we are… and I believe that our outward appearance should reflect just that.

We are a new creation, royal, loved, strong, bold, courageous, precious, thought of, hand-picked, and about a gazillion of other positive, uplifting attributes… we are children of the Most High God!

While our attributes are all the same, each of us have our OWN Uniqueness and my simple goal is to help bring it out of each and every one of us.

My vision for this company is to see a world of people that are all different colors, shapes & sizes that display their confident identity in Christ through their outward appearance.

Hair, Make-Up, Fitness & Fashion are all areas that we will eventually offer. HOWEVER, today is the official launch of the Make-Up Artistry division!

Feel free to contact us about booking your first appointment today! 😍💄😌

Facebook - @YOUbyTrinity

Instagram - @YOUbyTrinity

Remember: "YOU are... because God says!"

Love and Peace! - Trinity 💜

#makeup #identity #creativity

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