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Unchartered Territory

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

So... You may have wondered why I post this rocket symbol at times...

Please, allow me to explain.

I was ministering with Pastor William and the team in Swaziland, South Africa some time at the end of 2015. It was around the time where I was TRULY struggling with comparison and being okay with the way I'm uniquely created. I wasn't always this confident. Often times while traveling on tour and being around all of the music industry GREATS... I would question whether or not I was really supposed to be there...

This particular trip, we had ministered for TWO HOURS straight, but the congregation was SO excited about Jesus and had been truly encountering the Lord, that they began to chant for "more!"

Pastor William had just about exhausted his list and honestly, his voice... so he looked over at me and said, "Do what you do..."

Now, sidebar: He often allows me the freedom to prophetically flow and release whatever is on my heart while we're ministering. Often, it's at a time where he needs to break through the wall in the atmosphere. However, I truly didn't understand the impact my little worship had.

Anyways, he looked at me to sing and instructed the band to play, "Spirit Break Out". As I gathered my thoughts and the intro began to play, the Holy Spirit came over me SO strong that people began to cry out in worship. They fell to their faces, they shouted and leaped in worship... it was just a moment, that I will NEVER forget. It was the moment I realized the impact that not only the anointing had, but my surrender.

Surrendering fear and insecurities... surrendering my habit of holding back what would brew inside in order to fit the mold... THIS was my breakthrough moment.

After we were all finally able to gather ourselves, the team was finally all sitting around the table and we were recaping the night and just admiring God for what He had done. I'm not sure of all that was said, but I distinctly remember my sister and fellow background vocalist, Taylor Poole, making this comment:

"Girl, you go from 0 to 100 when you sing!!! It's like... it's like a ROCKET!!!"

I looked at her like, "Whoah." And drifted off into deep thought... The night went on and the conversations continued, but my mind had gotten stuck on just that one comment.

A rocket? Hmm...

I immediately felt impressed to research a rocket and its characteristics. So, I typed it in my iPhone notepad, highlighted it and scrolled over to where the option "define" popped up. It read these words:

"A cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents, used typically as a firework or signal."

...I let that sink in for a moment and then I formed a new sentence in my mind that grasped the jist of the definition without all the extra fancy words. Basically, I came up with the following scenario:

At the point an object (me) has been filled to capacity and the contents (the Holy Spirit) are steadily growing past that certain point (to overflow), it is bound to explode and take off into unchartered territory! Rockets are typically used as a weapon or even as a signal (in the Spirit realm)!

So basically what happens in real life is a rocket gets filled with a certain gas. It is then heated up and once it reaches the burning point, it causes a downward thrust forcing the rocket to travel upward at an incredibly high speed.

So... I'm just left to imagine that wherever the rocket is pointed is where it will end up... (Selah.)

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