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A Good Host!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Many people don't understand why I happen to be so quiet and reserved on Sunday mornings. To some, it reads as arrogance as if I think I'm allergic to people and can't get too close or else they'll pass to me whatever sins they're carrying around. They think I'm being rude or that something is wrong even though I still speak and smile and hug them.

The truth of the matter is that I am unsettled in my spirit on Sunday mornings. I am eagerly waiting in silence for the Lord to respond back to me after many moments prior of praying and crying out and worshipping and explaining to Him how dependent I am on HIM. I've already spent hours during the week, the night before and practically all morning while getting dressed and driving to the sanctuary trying to convince God that I'm sooo not ready, but that I’ll trust Him...

My stomach gets so heavy as I feel the weight of His Glory beginning to rest on me like a 600 pound elephant, one pound at a time. I realize then, that He's near, but when I finally get into the presence of other people, I do my best to say as less as possible so that He won't get offended by anything and leave my side.

The truth is that, I am completely incapable of being effective unless He chooses to show up through me. I hear that Bill Johnson wrote an entire book on this subject called "Hosting the Presence". I have yet to read the entire thing, but from what I uderstand, his challenge is to imagine the Holy Spirit as a physical dove. Should He decide to rest on your shoulder, would you move? Would you even speak? What would you say? How would you say it? These are all questions I constantly consider before ministering.

It’s not that I want to be a social nomad, I'm just so grateful for God's presence with me that I wouldn't want to do or say anything that would cause Him to leave.

At times, conversations taking place before service can be a distraction. Not all the time, but sometimes... hence the reason even most Pastors won't come out until it's time for praise and worship to begin. It's our duty and effort to simply stay focused and stay sensitive. In these moments, we can't be distracted by the latest entertainment news or "girl, have you seen the attractive new guy sitting out in the audience?" We have to be focused and tuned in to the right frequency! The aim is not to be completely oblivious to what's going around us, but it's to be able to hear that still small voice louder than the others.

Leading praise and worship is a huge responsibility! The church often serves as a hospital for people who come in broken and hurt ...and even worse, dead. So we, as leaders, have to remain focused so that the Holy Spirit is able to operate freely through us.

Bottom Line: There is a time and place for everything. What time is it?

Check out this video of Bill Johnson teaching about Hosting the Holy Spirit...

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