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Living Single: It Can Wait.

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

It can wait.

God has chosen me in an extremely incredible way. My cup is overflowing this season because of my hunger and absolute desperation for Him. However, I know there's more.

Not long ago, I was anxious and frustrated about not having the attention and consistency of a "significant other". It just hurt to my core that God wouldn't bring someone serious into my life that I could share my little world with.

Nevertheless, as I had been praying, spending more time with God and just loving on Him... I realized that the guy I had interest in seemed so much less important to me in comparison to God.

I have wholeheartedly committed to God and I understand now that He wants my whole entire heart and I literally can not afford to NOT be in tune with Him and His will for my life. Right now, a significant other is not in that will for this season because it would complicate things and sway me (or even worse, us BOTH) off course. So I'm learning to accept it now. I could definitely jeopardize what God has placed in me if I begin to share my heart with someone in the wrong season.

I've given away so much more of myself than I should have over the years - and I can never get back what I gave away..... but thankfully, I still have the most important parts of me left and I want God to have them all.

I want Him to fill those voids and completely satisfy me with His presence. I know I have an insane future ahead of me; one that is beyond even my wildest dreams.... but I understand that the only way to get there is His way...

So, the pressure I used to feel from not having a significant other isn't as heavy these days. Also, I've finally realized that the random fillers have gotten me no where... I can wait.

Maybe you've found yourself feeling the same way I did... If so, pray this simple prayer in your heart and I believe God will honor your request:

"God, I realize now that nothing and no one except You could ever properly fill this emptiness I feel inside. The hunger that I have is for You... and though I've searched and searched in all the wrong places... please, help me to be content in You alone. From this point forward, I completely trust You."

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