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Follow The Signs!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

So… this is what happened…

I went to run an errand for a friend the other day. I’m not that great with directions… so I plugged in the address on the GPS. I arrived there safely, handled my business and set off to head back home.

I decided not to use the GPS going back because I wanted to try and test my memory to see if I could remember the way. I mean, it seemed easy enough.. it was only like three turns. I should be able to remember how I got there and reverse it, right? Landmarks or something? 🤔

Chile, no. Lol

I mean, I did pretty good. I almost got there... made two of the turns correctly and there was only one more to go. So, I got to the stop sign and turned right down the road, thinking it was the correct way.

Yeah... no. It was totally wrong. lol Shortly after I went full speed ahead, there standing tall was a bright yellow sign, trimmed in black letters that read, “Dead End”. To my surprise.. I was heading the wrong way. Say what?! It was going so good. I mean, I was a little unsure when I made the turn, but instead of plugging in the GPS right then and there… I started going on my own.

Let’s just say, I’m thankful for the signs.

I love this situation because it reminded me of an extremely valuable lesson as we travel through this journey with Christ. Our destiny is plugged in to the GPS, who is represented as God in this story. He has quite a destination for each of us (Jer 29:11), but it’s up to us to follow His way, step by step, and not our own.

The GPS that He has given us believers is His word. It comes with commands, strong suggestions and even stories of people who have been in similar situations just like us.

The thing is that we have to use what we’ve been given. None of us are good enough to ever do life without following God’s instructions! Not a single one of us.

We are to take these commands and follow them. We can’t ever live without them or else.. we’ll end up like I did: Going the wrong way headed towards a DEAD END.

Thankfully, we have been sent the Holy Spirit who has no problem alerting us that we’re going the wrong way. And in some instances, He even reminds us more than once… 👀 The whole point is to follow the GPS, step by step.. so that in the quickest and most efficient way.. you can hear the words, “ You have reached your destination.”

That’s all, that’s really it.

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