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Be Filled.

Hey guys! Long time, no speak! Either way, I'm back and I've decided to tap into my old poetry days. The problem is that we ALL often are searching everywhere except the right place to fulfill our empty places... but trust me, there is ONLY ONE thing that can satisfy. It's the love - of - God.

No good thing does the Lord withhold from us (Psalm 84:11 NLT)

... so just receive it!

I pray the following is a blessing to you!

Be Filled.


Stop trying to fill these voids with things

Houses, cars, jobs & extra grand wedding rings

You think it's enough, but much like a tapeworm

It eats you from the inside & the hunger still burns


Why's it not enough to just have what you want

Outward looking happy but stuck putting on a front

The reason is cause things never ever will sustain

All trends get old, nothing ever stays the same


There is one thing that’s sure to last

It’s a promise from the God of our future & past

The promise of a faithful LOVE that’s sure to be enough

Springing up from a well already inside of us


How do we access this new life

How do we fill these voids and find something to suffice

First I’d say let’s rid of all the greed

Realize that Jesus is the ONLY thing we need

Look at what He gave and look at what we have

Be not so spoiled by blessings that pure joy doesn’t last

Let the knowledge of His goodness be enough to fulfill

Let His presence around you make you happy still

Like a child when they know that their father is home

Let His presence be the reason you never feel alone

Alone or dry or even empty again

Let His love crash over while You’re in the palm of His hand

Open your heart and let it begin

To every deep crevice let the sunshine in

God doesn’t withhold, so let go of what was

Unreserved, let Him in. He’s waiting on us

Listen To: Pieces - Bethel Live (Spontaneous)

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