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"I vow to PRAISE You."

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

So often in life we're challenged with opportunities to trust God. I've been given QUITE a few opportunities this season 👀 and unfortunately, until today, I handled them all the same.

Each time I faced a mountain, I usually ended up with broken trust in God, frustration, disappointment and lack of faith.

Fortunately, when it was time to lead worship, it was easy for me to encourage every body else! However, when it was time for ME to encourage MYSELF... 👀👀👀 my good words and thoughts of strength, faith and hope were as ghost as Ebenezer on Christmas past...

My lack of faith turned into a bit of bitterness, like "God, you see this mountain in front of me... I've sown more than enough seeds for you to move this thing for me... You're my source, You're my Father... You're supposed to take care of this. Why am I still in this season??? Why is family still in this season?! Where's my help??? ...It's smooth quiet. 😒 I guess You'll come fix it when You feel like it..."

Y'all, I had such an attitude with God in my heart!! I mean an AT-TI-TUDE! The Holy Spirit showed me the ways this attitude was manifesting in literally every situation that would come up and I decided that I had to change my reactions and responses to these mountains...

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith." - Hebrews 11:6 NLT

PLUS, "God's will for us is to be thankful in EVERY circumstance." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NLT

We can't pick and choose, guys.

SO, we have to expect Him to keep His promises and not get discouraged when things don't change when and how we want them to. God always knows best!!!

So, I woke up today. (That's enough reason to give thanks in itself!) I went for a jog and I saw that same mountain staring at me dead in the face. It's the same mountain that's been blocking for years. It's nothing, but a huge distraction that I don't feel like I have time for. 🙄

Well today, I found enough strength to slap Negative Nancy in the face. The enemy often plants negative thoughts in my head and it crowds my mind with defeat and discouragement. But today, the enemy got THE BOOT and I am literally learning to combat negativity with PRAISE. I've heard people say "praise is a weapon” before, but today I learned it first hand and experienced breakthrough with the help of the Holy Spirit. 🙌🏾

He told me to forget what I see physically and speak THE TRUTH anyway. So this is what I said to myself as I walked around my neighborhood... When I first started saying these words they were hitting a brick wall in my heart, but as I continued to praise the Lord in spite of what I felt, that wall began to crumble…


You are good.

Thank you for being my Father.

You're MY good Father!

I might not have all I want, but I have You...

And You're all I need.

You are everything.

You are in control of everything.


And it's less of a weight to carry if I just trust You...

That way I don't have to worry about every little thing.

Your ways and thoughts are higher than mine so I'll stop questioning you and just replace my doubt with the truth of how great You are!

I appreciate You.

Thank You for being faithful, God.

Thank You for always having my back.

No matter what.

Thank You for never letting me down.

I am not forgotten!

I belong to You.

Thank You for loving me...

You interpret every groan; every tear.

You already know...

Thank You for providing for me.

It could ALWAYS be worse!

Thank You for being my shelter.

Thank You for being my source.

Thank You for being my strength.

Thank You for caring for me.

Thank You for allowing me to live this far.

Thank You for giving me peace.

Thank You for taking control of my life.

Your plan is perfect.

I find rest when I accept that...

So here I am saying thank You, God.

Gratefulness is now flowing from my soul as I reflect on Your goodness.

Faith is rising as I reflect on Your goodness!

You've never let me down...!

And You never will.

I feel my faith rising…

Thank You, Lord!!!

I can make it another day!

If I have to sing Your praises every day, I will...

I want to!

You're worthy of praise that I can't even give you!

If I had 10,000 tongues to sing Your praises, it still wouldn't be enough...

Cliché, but totally true!

"When I think of Your goodness and ALL You've done for me..."

Then there's all the stuff I don't even know about that You've done for me...

I'm grateful for the way You constantly work behind the scenes on my behalf.


Thank -


Lord !!!

Everything is going to be alright!!!

"You are God. You've got the whole world in Your hands."

"You are God. You've got MY whole world in Your hands."

By the end of these thoughts I had made it home and the burdens I felt were suddenly lifted. I had released a tear or two on the way, but ultimately, my Spirit beat out my flesh.

I pray that as you read through my thoughts, you'll see the way my faith changed for the better. I'm praying that it will inspire you to go to war with your own Negative Nancy and beat her with praise as well. 👊🏾💥

I even encourage you to write out your own truths when negativity tries to steal your joy. God has a pretty amazing track record when you actually take the time to reflect on it... When you remember what He's done, it's easier to have faith in what He can and WILL do… in His timing.

I linked so many scriptures and songs that came to mind during that time... but this is the one I REALLY wanted to highlight! It's had me in tears.

Check it out when you have a sec...

King of My Heart - Bethel Music

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