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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

It always seems like I find myself right at the corner of being closer than yesterday, but only God knows how far from “tomorrow”. Tomorrow is the future me. You know, the me we see in our greatest dreams if only we had more money or more friends in high places to get us there. The me we’d see if only we sat still a little longer and maybe prayed a little harder...

Lol. How is it that we seem to get so stuck?

Stuck in the friend zone. Stuck in the unknown. Just - stuck.

Seems like life, time and friends (and everyone else on the tv, of course) are all passing by, but may I submit the thought that in reality... we ARE all stuck.

We’re stuck in this moment and no matter how slow or fast it may seem to be going for some... time is equally proportioned to each one of us and the moment is ever-changing.

Yes, we are stuck. Stuck in such an incredible place. And that place is called: NOW.

So... uhh... what do we do now?

What we do is keep going, keep pressing, keep praying. Keep believing and keep sight of the future, but smell the roses along the way.

I know we’ve all heard that phrase, but most of us don’t actually do it, therefore, resulting in the frustration that leaves us to the unhappiness of feeling - stuck.

Feeling like “Where am I at? Why am I not there yet? Why can’t I just skip to the end where I have every thing (I think) I want or need?”

Consider this, though...

Maybe... just maybe... you were placed where you are NOW “for such a time as this.” - Esther 4:14

Maybe you are already fruitful in the place that you’re in... ? Maybe you can see that, maybe you can’t. Maybe you’ll see that another time.

But know, that there is a time for everything as the Bible so eloquently states. - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Some of us would argue... “Well, how come my time can’t be accelerated as it was for Jesus?”. I’m referencing the story where Jesus was in attendance at The Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12) and the bridal party ran out of wine. Jesus’ mother asked Him to do something about it (most likely to spare them the embarrassment) and Jesus said, “Mom, it’s not my time!” However, His mother knew and had faith that God would do whatever Jesus asked... so she insisted. Lo and behold, the first miracle was performed... ironically before Jesus’ intended time.

That is such a WONDERFUL story about what God can and will do as we remain submitted to Him...

BUT that decision is completely in His hands... not based on the amount of work we put in...

I GET it. It’s so hard to not be like the 6 year old STUCK in the backseat of the family vacation rental truck screaming, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!?! What’s taking so long???!”

But if you aren’t “THERE” yet, maybe it’s just not God’s perfect time.

And guess what, though?? There’s nothing wrong with that!

I’m learning such a lesson on this now... in MORE than one area of my life. I’m sure it’ll be a blog post later because honestly, I can’t wait to share more about the journeys I travel... they are quite eventful. Lol

But I kid you not... I have learned to be soooo content with one of the main areas of my life which is music. I KNOW without a doubt that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what God is doing and there’s a destination that is WAY beyond my current situation.

People ask all the time, when my solo project is coming out and so on and so forth, but I have found myself LITERALLY in no rush to get to it because I know good and well that I am still being groomed for all that comes with that and when the time is right… the entire ministry will outlive even me.

In that situation, I’ve allowed the peace of God to rule in my heart (Colossians 3:15) and lately have been learning to let the same peace leak into every area where I feel - stuck.

Of course, there are moments when I question if I’m good with this place still. I look around and I wonder if I should be farther along... You know, according to the industry and the two cents of people who know no better. Lol - but then i remember how perfect the Lord’s timing is and I’m back at peace all over again.

Ever heard that Walgreen’s commercial that’s like “Walgreens: At the corner of happy and healthy.”? Lol. LEGIT: they were prophetic.

They promote the place that we all need to find ourselves in because it’s better to be stuck in God’s will than at some destination that may indeed be right for us, but more so detrimental, if at the wrong time...

Love y'all.

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